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Raglan Mine -CAPEX Project management services

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Glencore – Raglan Mine, through CIMA+


Remote and Raglan Mine, Kativik, QC


Project Manager:
Bryan Moloughney Ing., M.Ing., PMP.

Suzanne Tisseur

Christophe St.-Cyr, Ing.


Since January 2022 ECS has provided a weekly hour alotment

Cost of the work

3 M$ and up (value of CAPEX Portfolio)

Professional fees

100 000 $ and up (per year)

Project Description

CIMA+ mandated Equinox Construction Services (ECS) to fulfill the role of CAPEX Project Manager for Glencore at the Raglan Mine. This mandate
involved a weekly hour allotment during which ECS coordinated Capital Approval Requests (CAR), site inspections and engineering mandates. ECS, as
CAPEX Project Manager, was responsible for the budgets, timelines, scope, quality, conformity and logistics of all projects falling within our Portfolio.

The projects range in size and status and are managed from the Concept Phase through to Base Engineering and into the Execution Phase.

ECS coordinated, lead and followed up on internal status updates, public Call for Tenders, Risk Management tasks, budget forecasting and
constructibility reviews. ECS’ projects were part of a larger Rehabilitation Program at the Raglan Mine which double the effective lifespan of the mine.

Through site visits, delegated inspections with the site support staff and proper Stakeholder Management, ECS manages 8 projects concurrently with a
total value of 3 M$. ECS has also renewed their service contract with CIMA for a second consecutive year

Services Provided

  • Replacement of equipment that has reached their end-oflife
  • Replacing and optimizing equipment key to the Operation
    and Transformation tasks
  • Redesign and replacement of ventilation and chilling
  • Redesign and replacement of storage reservoirs
  • Redesign of fuel level monitoring equipment and software
  • Replacement and updating of instrument compressed air
  • Complete overhaul of a wastewater treatment plant


  • Projects touching various industries, specialties and
  • Remote site and phased work teams lead to difficulties in
    coordinating with stakeholders
  • High-level CAPEX management requires a different
    approach compared to Construction Management