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Statutory inspection of dam X0002706

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Individual dam owner


Near the village of Ogden, QC
Lat 45.0503, Long -72.1379


Project Manager:
Bryan Moloughney Ing., M.Ing., PMP.

Suzanne Tisseur


Inspection carried out in august 2021 and the
repport was supplied during winter 2022

Cost of the work


Professional fees

3 400 $

Project Description

The owner of dam X0002706 mandated Equinox Construction Services (ECS) to undertake a Statutory Inspection of the dam, included a visual analysis
of all the components, including but not limited to, the piers, the spillways, the toe of the dam, the rail systems and the intake, the upstream
impoundment along with the downstream stretch.

Following this inspection, ECS prepared a Statutory Inspection Report which included, among other aspects, a description of how the inspection was
carried out, ECS’ observations on annotated photographs, our recommendations with respect to the dam’s current condition and status, and finally a
preliminary estimate of the construction costs associated with our recommendations.

During the inspection, particular attention was given to elements such as Public Safety Around Dams, environment protection measures and the
structural elements.

Services Provided

  • Site visit at dam barrage X0002706 in Ogden
  • Carried out a visual inspection of the dam
  • Analysis of the health and status of the various
    components and systems of the dam
  • Prepared a Statutory Inspection Report
  • Developed a list of recommendations
  • Estimated the construction and repair costs along with a
  • Attestation of the dam’s current state


  • We were required to develop an attestation of the dam’s
    condition along with our recommendations without any
    previous inspection records
  • The intake was well clogged which limited the precision
    of our recommendations