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Norland HP – Debris & Safety Boom

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Timber Run Hydropower Corporation


In the village of Norland, On., on the Gull River


Project Manager:
Bryan Moloughney Ing., M.Ing., PMP

Suzanne Tisseur


Sourcing, installation and commissioning:
2019 – 2020

Cost of the work

30 000 $

Professional fees

9 000 $

Project Description

Timber Run Hydropower Corporation mandated Equinox Construction Services (ECS) to carry out the design, contracting, sourcing, installation and
commissioning of a combination debris/safety boom for the Norland Hydropower Plant. Various suppliers were contacted to provide pricing for the
supply of the boom and design of the bank anchors. No in-water anchors were needed for this 22 m-long section.

ECS managed the supply, logistics, and delivery, while also supervising the installation process with a General Contractor. The proper positioning,
elevation, depth and arrangement of the boom were determined by ECS’ engineering staff.

For this mandate, no drawings, bathymetry, detailed engineering work or consultations were required, given the relatively short length.

Furthermore, ECS managed the approval process with the Parcs Canada Agency (PCA) and remains on hand to carry out regular inspections,
adjustments and preventative maintenance on the debris/safety boom, as well as PCA’s safety boom upstream of the Norland Dam.

Services Provided

  • Concept preparation and validation
  • Sourcing with local suppliers
  • Managed the logistics, timing and delivery of the boom
  • Supervised the assembly and installation
  • Determined the appropriate positioning, elevation,
    anchor points and orientation
  • Commissioning and long-term support

Other tasks could include;

  • Detailed engineering and drawings
  • In-water anchors and multi-span sections


  • Variable water level and strong currents
  • Heavy flows of pine needles and oak leaves
  • Supervising & QA/QC of the work while the Contractor
    was unfamiliar with the product