Dams & Hydroelectricity

Operations, Maintenance & Surveillance

Whether you operate a legacy station or a brand new one, surrounding yourself with the right team is crucial

Need support? We can help

From design to construction, operation to overhauling, our hands-on team and partners are involved in every detailed step of a project and are uniquely qualified to assist.

If you need help during the operation of your dam, station or facility, our teams can quickly transition to a support role in order to help with maintenance, operations, surveillance, upgrades and technical services.


Troubleshooting, Programming & Monitoring

Updating your control systems, increasing your capacity or changing your operating procedures, we can assemble the team needed to carry out assessments, inspections and detailed programming work. 

Dewatering & Intake Rehauling

Need to access your intake, trashrack or gates? Replacing your trachrack for smaller spacing, adding an automated cleaner, frazil ice prevention or additional safety precautions? We can prepare the Dewatering Plan, procure the necessary elements and execute the work.


Replacing Hydromechanical Equipment

Overhauling your turbine, replacing your automated gate or operator, changing the heating elements, replacing or realigning the embedded parts, our vetted suppliers and installers can carry out the work.