Consulting & Project Management

Planning & Coordination of Professionals

Need help contracting, coordinating and updating a host of different Professionals? We can help

Consulting firms specialize in the engineering tasks related to their industries. We are a Coordination firm that specializes in managing all the different moving parts in a project

Prime Consultant

We can execute your Engineering or Construction project on your behalf and manage the different firms, laboratories and offices that are involved. 

Through leadership, organization and decision-making processes, we sift through the weeds to keep the project moving forward.

Inspection or Maintenance Programs

Planning a few years worth of inspections, reviews and maintenance tasks that require the input of a plethora of technicians, inspectors and engineers? We can coordinate the different contracts, schedules, trips & expenses, all in function of your timelines. 

We integrate into your schedule and ensure each of your sites' information is update to date through leading online collaboration tools.

Project Porfolios

Have a Project Portfolio that is being implemented? Need help integrating the different projects into a Program Schedule? We can provide the Controllers, Planners and Coordinators needed to handle the different sub-contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, firms, transport companies and agencies needed to achieve your projects.